Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Hardcore protests: Farmers in India stay in chest deep water for eleven days

Farmers in central India stand in murky, chest-deep water for the 11th straight day in an unconventional protest over a land dispute. Around 30 farmers have vowed to keep up their protest by standing in their fields which have been inundated with water by a nearby dam in Madhya Pradesh state, despite concerns over their health. Some of the protesters have developed skin infections..
and a few are running high fevers, according to an activist involved in the protest.
“Their skin is peeling off and wounds have appeared on their body parts,” Chittaroopa Palit told AFP. The government bought thousands of hectares of fertile land from mostly tribal communities to build a dam in 2007. But hundreds of farmers have since returned to their fields which have become a catchment area for the dam, saying compensation packages were inadequate.

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