Friday, 17 July 2015

Dare Art-Alade:Why I invited Kim Kardashian

The talented musical artist says, “I invited Kim Kardashian because people talk about her. So, bringing her here was purely a business decision. People say she is popular for no reason, but I always tell them that she has some talents".

“She is famous in her own right for some reasons. Apart from the fact that she is a stylist. She has a cosmetics and clothing line, too. Whether you like those talents or not and whether you like what she is doing or not, it does not matter. She is doing it, regardless of what you think or not. Personally, I appreciate people with that kind of mindset.”

When asked how he sometimes felt after seeing nude photographs of the reality TV star displayed in the social media, Darey replied that he would keep his opinion to himself. But he went on, “She didn’t take her clothes off when I brought her here. Her coming was to play a certain role, which she did effortlessly. Some people that didn’t understand her full job description would have said that she stayed for only five minutes or so. Why would somebody come for five minutes?

“She spent about a day here and gave exclusive interviews. I think Gbemi on The Beat interviewed her. Could she have done that in five minutes? But then, I don’t think we promoted her as everybody’s role model when we brought her. We simply said the red carpet would be co-hosted by Kim Kardashian.” (s:punchng)

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