Sunday, 19 July 2015

Four bridesmaids killed by hit-and-run drunk driver

Four bridesmaids were killed and seven other people were seriously injured when a hen party's limousine was destroyed by a hit-and-run drunk driver in New York.

The group, who were on a wineries tour, had just left a vineyard when a red pick up truck ploughed into the side of their vehicle at 5.30pm on Saturday in New York’s wine region in Long Island.

The girl’s limo had been making a u-turn when the collision happened.

"The pickup truck was halfway through the limo," said witness Lynne Lulfs.

"We saw bodies hanging out of the left side of the car. They looked like young girls. It was just arms, and heads and hair."

The bride and another member of the hen party were left in a critical condition, while the limo driver, three other occupants and the Dodge truck driver were also hurt.

Three of the group died at the scene and the fourth died after being taken to the hospital.

All of the dead women were aged 24 or 25. (credit:Christopher Bucktin)

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