Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Mum has months to live after years of drinking destroyed liver

People who still swallow liquor without control should have a change of heart and visit a rehab.
This great Mum tells her story to the world how alcohol destroys her life.

Hazel Birnie, of Aberdeen, doesn't want pity. She says candidly: “I've brought this on myself. It’s my own fault.” Alcohol has destroyed Hazel's liver. She is only 48, but doctors have told her she will be dead in a couple of months.

“If my story can save just one person, that’s all I want for my last days,” mum-of-three Hazel said.
“The damage I've done to myself is so bad, I want to warn people of the dangers.

“I was warned and warned by doctors to stop drinking and I didn't. There’s no higher price to pay than the one I'm paying now.

“I won’t be here to meet my grandchild. My daughter is going to need her mum to help her but I'm not going to be around to do that for her.

“I would love to have held that baby in my arms. I would have spoiled it rotten, like a granny should.

“I feel guilty about that every day.” Hazel now has end stage liver disease and “zero” liver function.

Doctors have told her she is not fit enough for a transplant and there is nothing they can do to save her. She is expecting to be admitted to hospital any day to begin end-of-life care.

The doctors are doing what they can to make Hazel comfortable. She is being treated for severe ascites, a condition linked to liver failure where the stomach swells as fluid builds up between her organs. (credit:Charlie Gall)

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