Saturday, 18 July 2015

Strange world: Woman spends £60, 000 on dogs’ wedding

Emmie became obsessed with dogs after enduring years of mental and physical abuse from bullies at school.

She brought her first, Doodles, at the age of 19 and thanks him and the rest of her companions for turning her life around.

Emmie said: 'At my worst I was so depressed I barely left the house, I had no confidence at all.

'Bullies would follow me home, call me names, spit on me and frequently beat me up for no reason at all.

'Then one day a friend suggested to get a dog to keep me company so I went to get Doodles, the rest is history and that decision changed my life forever.
'I spend a lot of money on them, some people think I'm insane but I've worked extremely hard on my business so why shouldn't I spend it on what I want.

Some parents choose to spend thousands on their children at beauty pageants, some people spend huge amounts on cars or addictions like smoking or even shopping.

'My dogs are my hobby and I want to give them the best life possible.'

And it isn't just Bailey and Coco who have enjoyed blow-out parties, Emmie celebrates all of her dogs' birthdays too.

'We celebrate all of their birthdays by throwing parties and I make doggy cakes and treats.

'A few months ago me and one of the dogs Pomie had a joint party, it cost over £700 but when I saw how happy Pomie was it was all worth it.

'But when they aren't at shows or being dressed up they're like any other dog.

'They eat normal food, go for long walks and have casual days, but every now and again I just like to pamper and manicure them. ( credit:Martha Cliff for MailOnline)

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