Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Death tolls in fatal passenger & fishing boats collision

Two children died when a passenger boat capsized after colliding with a fishing vessel in Lake Victoria in western Kenya.
A local official said fishermen responding to distress calls rescued 21 of the 23 people on board the passenger boat and recovered the children's bodies.
There were no casualties on the fishing vessel, which also capsized.
Earlier reports had suggested the passenger boat was carrying 200 people.
But a local government official downgraded that figure to 23, and this was confirmed by a boat owner who responded to the distress calls.

Both boats have now been recovered from the lake. (bbcafrica)
Travelling in early or small hours always carries some level of risks due to very poor visibility. But what baffles me is that at this age of  awareness people will still be crossing waters without personal floating device (PFDs). I don't know, it beats my imagination. 

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