Thursday, 27 August 2015

Dust lady who survived 9/11 bombing has died of cancer

A survival of September 11, 2001 Twin Tower attack, Marcy Borders 42, has died of stomach cancer which was diagnosed last year (2014). Marcy Borders was a 28-year-old Bank of America worker when she fled the 81st floor of 1st World Trade Center after the first plane struck. She became known as the "Dust Lady" after a photograph showing her covered with finely ground debris from the World Trade Center collapse was seen around the world. She believed she contracted the cancer from the lethal dust particles.
That dust was loaded with toxic chemicals, including asbestos, ground glass, lead, gypsum and calcite — all known to cause irritation and many of which can cause cancer and neurological damage.
After years of battles in which
victims and survivors tried to get compensation for their health care, Congress set up a $4.2 billion fund to create the World Trade Center Health Fund in 2010. It covers people for health conditions that have been shown to be more common among people who were at Ground Zero during the collapse of the two skyscrapers.

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