Tuesday, 4 August 2015

One Direction 'drag me down' breaks streaming record on Spotify

Spotify, the leading streaming platform, said Monday that the British pop group's "Drag Me Down" was the most listened-to song ever on a single day.
A song about gathering strength from one's lover, "Drag Me Down" largely keeps One Direction's soft pop style but is backed by a reggae-influenced guitar.
Spotify said "Drag Me Down" was streamed 4.75 million times on its first day. The previous record was set by rapper Wiz Khalifa for "See You Again."

 It was streamed 4.26 million times on April 17, weeks after it came out but shortly after the release of the action film "Furious 7, " on which it appeared.
Spotify, which has 75 million active users, said that "Drag Me Down" was the first song to hit number one on its global chart on the day of its release.
Congrats men!!!

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