Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Russia's Vladimir Putin & the rest of the world in submersible

Russia President Vladimir Putin has been a hard target from the western world following Russia annexation of Crimea and allegedly triggering aggression in Eastern Ukraine since early last year.
United States and Europe Union didn't hesitate to dish out multiple sanctions against Russia. Though it actually affected the economy initially but presently it seems Russia has somewhat be able to acclimatise to the new weather conditions caused by the sanctions.
Always looking cool, Putin tried out a submersible to survey the wreckage of a centuries-old ship on the Black Sea floor. During his plunge below the surface of the Black Sea, Putin saw the recently discovered wreckage of a Byzantine ship on the seabed and spotted several centuries-old relics scattered around it, according to state-run
The submersible was launched Tuesday from the port of Sevastopol in Crimea -- Ukrainian territory that has been occupied by Russia for over a year. Surely this feat will stir up anger in Ukraine as the President Petro Poroshenko posted on his Facebook page that Putin's visit without the consent of the Ukrainian authorities "is a challenge to the civilized world".
Lets take a look at the process that led to recent Iranian nuclear deal reached peacefully. Also look at the recent settlement between Cuba & US peacefully. If we walked this road, we ll save a world that is already submerging in an almost out-of-control submersible.

Now my point of view here is that all tensions between Russia Federation & the West can also be resolved diplomatically and peacefully.

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