Monday, 9 November 2015

Model turns tooth into gold necklace

The Victoria's Secret model literally turned her tooth into gold, and she took to Instagram on Saturday to show off her new and very strange gilded accessory
Prinsloo, 26, had the tooth removed back in August. After the surgery, she shared the hilarious post-extraction video on Instagram.

"My perfect day...LOL," she wrote on the video of herself singing the lyrics to The Weeknd's hit song, "Can't Feel My Face," and holding onto ice packs.

"I really can't feel my face," she can be heard mumbling in the video.
Luckily, Prinsloo's husband, Adam Levine, was just the man to help her recuperate. "My nurse is the perfect combination of sexy and cute... update: day 2 after removing my wisdom teeth SUCK!!!!!!" she wrote on Instagram on Aug. 25.

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