Wednesday, 4 November 2015

‘Secret Wife’ Of Saudi King Awarded $40m

 This report is credited to Nico Hines (Daily Beast Editor).
The secret Christian wife of the late King of Saudi Arabia has been awarded $40 million after a judge in London ruled that she was entitled to receive the hush money she had been promised to keep their relationship out of the public eye.
The High Court ruling handed down in public Tuesday raised questions over whether King Fahd and his surviving family had in fact benefited from the pact of silence, but they were ordered to pay up nonetheless.
Janan Harb, now 68, was just 19 when she says she married the future King of Saudi in a secret ceremony.
He told her that he could not be seen to marry a girl from a Christian family even though she converted to Islam ahead of the wedding. She claims the king forced her to have three abortions.
Two years after the alleged secret wedding, Harb says she was exiled when the Saudi royal family accused her of getting Fahd hooked on methadone. She admitted in court that she saw this exile as equivalent to a divorce, and she went on to marry two other men.
This should otherwise be termed the 'price of silence'.

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