Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Fearless Acid Attack Survivor Becomes Model

See video:
Laxmi Saa, an Indian woman who survived an acid attack 10 years ago, is the new face of the Indian sari retailer Viva N Diva.
The campaign, called "Face of Courage‬," is the brainchild of Mumbai firm Rego Advertising, according to Viva N Diva's Facebook page.
Saa, who is now 26, was just 15 when she had acid thrown on her face by an older man whose marriage proposal she turned down.

The campaign generated a wave of positive responses on Viva N Diva's Facebook, where people commented, "We all need this kind of courage" and "I bow my head with respect."
She told the BBC she's thrilled to be a role model for others, and she's also intent on sending a serious message to attackers. (c: Krithika Varagur Associate Editor)

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