Monday, 13 July 2015

Climate protesters chained themselves to runway at Heathrow Airport

Save our planet from excessive air pollution...
Climate change activists have disrupted flights at Heathrow Airport after cutting through a fence and getting on to a runway. The runway was closed until 06.20. The airport said there would be some delays to flights.
A video posted online appeared to show several activists chained together and being spoken to by police officers. 
In the footage, an officer told them: "As a consequence of you being here, you are causing severe disruption and it will be in the millions of pounds because
it will take us a while to remove you.
"The cost will be in the couple of millions. The airport will attempt to make a civil recovery."
The Met Police said the protesters had chained themselves together using a tripod which they had assembled themselves.
The Airports Commission said Heathrow was best placed to provide "urgently required" capacity, but environmentalists warned building a new runway there would make it harder to reduce air pollution and climate change emissions.

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