Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Fortunes after death for Superstars

 When you take a look at the estate of some dead superstars, they are far better off than when they were alive.
American pop legend, Michael Jackson, died on June 25, 2009. What is certainly news and worth noting is that the estate he left behind, which was almost going bankrupt at the time, has generated about $2bn within the last six years.
American celebrity magazine, TMZ, first broke this news online a few days ago. It reported that the money came through the sale of 50 million copies of the late superstar’s albums, the movie titled ‘This is It’ and the show, ‘Michael Jackson: The Immortal World Tour,’ as well as other ventures that he was involved in.

Whitney Houston, was reportedly indebted to the tune of $20m by the time she died on February 11, 2012. Fortunately, the increase in sales of her works after she passed on yielded enough income to pay off the debts. The sales also produced another $20m in profits for the estate.
British singer, Amy Winehouse, was worth just over £2m when she died in July, 2011. But subsequent loss in the value of her estate provoked questions about what happened to the rest of her fortune.
According to news reports, the questions were based on the publication of annual accounts for her two companies, Cherry Westfield and CW Touring.
The publications, the reports claimed, showed that Cherry Westfield was worth £2,004,963 at a point, down £20,000 in 2009.
Fela is making progress in death, as companies managing his music abroad are said to be making cool returns to the family. For one, Fela on Broadway is said to have earned the family good money in recent time.

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