Friday, 25 December 2015

Merry Xmas!!!! but what does the 'X' mean?

A lot people across the globe are wishing friends and families "Merry Xmas". Really few care to reason what the X' stands for or why was it changed from Christmas to Xmas.
According to a report, common belief is that Xmas “takes the Christ out of Christmas” – that this is part of the so-called “war on Christmas” intended to suppress traditional Christian symbols.  But this is a misapprehension, the result of not knowing the origin of the abbreviation. The X in Xmas stands for
the Greek chi, the first letter of Christ’s name when spelled in Greek: XPIΣTOΣ (equivalent in Latin letters to Kristos or Christos).  X and  XP  have been used as abbreviations for “Christ” for about a thousand years.
But whether true or not, just know the importance of the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ (Salvation to the world)


  1. wow, u really made a nice research

    1. Patrick, alot of things we don't know as Christians. Only the Holy Spirit of the living God that can reveal and convince us of certain things.....