Sunday, 27 December 2015

Safety procedures violated- Nnewi gas plant inferno

The disaster took place in an industrial gas plant in  Nnewi (Anambra state), a predominantly Christian community in southeast Nigeria.
Now what are the root cause factors that led to this incident? Lets read a witness account of the incident.
A witness, Emeka Peters, said the fire broke out at about 11 a.m. when a tanker truck that had finished discharging fresh gas at the Chikason Group Gas plant left without waiting to observe the prescribed cooling time. 
Simple, that explains it all. Remember that cooking gas (propane & butane) are very flammable therefore slight increase in temperature or heat close to their ignition point could result in disaster. Cooling time is required in order to eliminate the possibility of overheating. Hence, the prescribed cooling time which was not observed leading to loss of lives and properties.
Violating simple safety measures or procedures have grave consequences.....

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